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Online offer or reservation 

Ask us the availability and total amount, during the period of your choice.


When you want to receive information and an offer for a holiday or accommodation, please fill out this form.

When you want to receive information about a specific accommodation, please use the possibility at that specific page of our website. This way important information about the accommodation is automatically loaded into your request.


As soon we receive your questions, we send you the next within 24 hours:

  • Our offer

  • reservation form.

  • Extra information.

When you would like to make a reservation after our offer, we ask you to fill out the reservation form. When you did finish the complete form, you can send it to us. This way you made your bookings final. We inform you as soon as possible by mail, that all your wishes are possible, or send you our offer.

The down payment of 25% of the outstanding balance, you need to transfer as soon as possible to one of our bank accounts of your choice. The possibilities you may see and make at the reservation form. The rest of the outstanding balance you have to transfer like written in the invoice and booking terms at this website.

After we did receive your reservation form, we send you the next:

  • Confirmation

  • Rental contract for the apartment (because of your deposit).

  • Extra information with the complete address and telephone numbers of the accommodation.

  • The invoice.

It's important to fill all out under here. We need this to make the offer complete for you.  When you did, you may send it to us. Your privacy is protected by government laws! The fields with * are requested!


When you don't receive our email with offer within 24 hours, please check your E-mail spambox!!



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