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What's on the calendar


Russia, Sevastopol and Republic Crimea public holidays


We've already thought ahead for your next getaway. Whether you're searching for a short break or a complete holiday, or an traveler with an extended Russian itinerary. We are here to help you start planning.




1 January  New Year's Day

2 January  New Year Holidays

3 January  New Year Holidays

4 January  New Year Holidays

5 January  New Year Holidays

6 January  New Year Holidays

7 January  Orthodox Christmas Day

14 January "Old" New Year



14 February Valentine.

23 February  Defender of Fatherland Day

24 February  Public Holiday



8 March International women's day.  



1 May Spring and Labor Day

8 May Public Holiday

9 May Day of Victory, liberation of Sevastopol from fascist troops with parade and fireworks.

19 May Day of pioneer. With several things to see and do in the centre of Sevastopol from the children. All day!



6 June Birthday celebration of the great Russian poet Aleksander Pushkin.

12 Jun Mon Day of Russia

14 June Celebration of the 226th anniversary of Sevastopol foundation. 18th city holiday of the Historical Boulevard, 12th International festival of military.

22 June The memorial Day. The day when WW II started.

28 June Celebrations dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the Constitution of Ukraine.

June The annual festive report of the masters of art groups from Sevastopol.

June City festival of pop music.

June: Festival of ball-room dances "Cup of Sevastopol"



22 July The anniversary of consecration of the defense tower at the Malakhov Hill.

28 July Anniversary of Russia's christening (Chersonesos Tauria)  

July The memory day, dedicated to the anniversary of the end of the heroic defense of Sevastopol in 1941-1942.

July Celebration of the fisherman day.

July International Olympic class sailing competitions.

July Celebration of the Day of the Russian Navy. (last Sunday of the month):



August Balaklava Golden Symbol festival  



September The celebrations dedicated to the anniversary of the end of the Crimean (east) war 1853-1856

20 September Anniversary of battle on the Alma river



18 October Memorial of the beginning of 349-days defense of Sevastopol in the Crimean War of 1854-1856 years

25 October Memorial of Balaklava's battle



4 - 6 November National Unity Day Holiday



31 December Dad Moros



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