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Does Kozak Travel give touristic Information?  

After your booking we will send you all info needed to live a fantastic holiday. This info is about local traveling, restaurants, bars, museum, places to visit and to see, local currency, all do's and don'ts during travel to and stay at Crimea. If you do not find this information, or have extra questions then please contact Kozak Travel straight away and we answer all. However we are sorry but we are not a tourist information office for Russia, Republic Crimea and Sevastopol for backpackers. Because we need all our time and attention for our guests who use our services, we advice the people who want to spend their complete holiday with their own arrangements to receive information somewhere else. Anyway we wish also those people a very pleasant stay at the Crimean peninsula. We thank you for your understanding.



How do I look for a tour, hotel, excursion or other service?

We have two possibilities.  Use the menu to surf around at our website. Or go to the "sitemap" page and find your interest, click at the link to go to the by you chosen subject page.

Do you rent long term accommodations?

We don't advertise long-term accommodations, however are able to help you with your personal request. Please contact us with your question and wishes and request by email.

If I want to buy a holiday accommodation at the Crimean Peninsula, can you be at my service?

We don't advertise those accommodations, however are able to help you with your personal request. Please contact us with your question and wishes and request by email.



Your prices are prices quoted per night. What is the difference?

Most agents quote prices for the chosen holiday per day, however we quote per night for the simple reason that we want to be honest and the cheapest for our guests. For example for a 7 day / 6 night holiday at others you have to pay 7 days even when you arrival is very late and departure very early while every day is only 24 hours. So booking at Kozak Travel means paying 6 times instead of 7 times the tariff. Example: A week holiday from Saturday until Saturday is not 8 days but 7 nights times the quoted tariff.

How do I know price information published at your website is accurate and up to date?

It is the responsibility of each individual to ensure that the information we publish is kept accurate and up to date.  At the bottom of every page you may find a "timestamp" when the page is updated the last time. For some some pages like this one or the contact page it is not necessary to update them regularity.



Do I need travel insurance?

Yes, it is essential and obligated to obtain your own travel insurance when you travel to the Russian Federation.

Do I need cancelation insurance?

Yes choose a suitable policy that covers unforeseen cancellations before and during your holiday. Most insurance salespeople don't tell this, but think in advance about the reasons you could have to cancel your holiday. Your old grandmother can get ill, your work can't miss you and even your dog can get kittens. This can be all reasons for you to cancel your holiday. In most countries extending the reasons in the insurance polis is free of charge, but not told because of the extra risk for the insurance company or can mean less bonus for the salesperson!

Am I insured by Kozak Travel?

No, because every person is obligated to have travel insurance while visiting the Russian Federation. Having double insurance only makes your holiday more expensive. We are an agent using services of third parties, which take care about insurance if obligated or necessary. At some excursions, like bungee jumping or paragliding you are able to buy extra insurance at the start of that event.



How do I book?

Once you have found your perfect holiday, you can contact us using the offer/booking button at the page, to ask us to send you an offer for the by you requested services. After we checked if your wished dates are free, ensured the availability of services and saw that all prices are up to date, we send you a free offer with the by you requested services and details for possible payment within 24 hours. When you are ready to book, simply make your payment and fill out all required details on the reservation form. Only once we received your payment and the reservation form, we will make your booking final. at that moment we send you an e-mail with your arrangements, vouchers and extra handy information.

Who is my contact with?

Your contact is always with Kozak Travel except when is other stated in your final booking.

I have received no response to my enquiry, what should I do?

Please allow us some time to respond to your booking request as sometimes we can be away from our e-mail. However at least within 24 hours you must have seen a reply from us. If you still didn't get a response please see first the spam map at your email program before you contact us again by e-mail or telephone.

Am I committed, once I request a booking?

No, you are under no obligation until you pay the reservation deposit.

How do I extend or change my booking dates?

please see our page with terms and conditions.

How do I add someone extra to my booking?

Just simply send us your request by e-mail or telephone.

My details changed since I booked, what should I do?

You must inform us about your new details immediately. By law of Russia and the Republic Crimea, we are obligated to have all valuable information at hand in case of distress. Some information at the reservation form can be very important, like your contact at home during your holiday, in case of emergency.

I need to cancel my booking, will I lose my deposit?

You may lose your deposit and if you cancel after paying the balance, you may only get a percentage of the money back, if any. Refunds are clearly stated in the terms and conditions send to you in attachment at the final booking confirmation e-mail and also published at our website. Check the cancellation terms and inform Kozak Travel as soon as you can. It is essential to have cancelation insurance which covers you for unforeseen cancellation - please check your policy.



How do I pay?

Before making any payments, we strongly advise all clients to make satisfactory checks regarding the details in our reservation offer. When making payments online always ensure you use a secure site. Never send credit or debit card details by email or email forms. Please refer to the site security page. 

Bank transfer

If you choose to pay by bank transfer, we give you our bank details including bank account number, sort code and any other banking codes required.

Credit/Debit Card

If you choose to pay by credit or debit card we friendly ask you to use Paypal. We will send you the necessary details of our Paypal account or at your request send you an invoice via Paypal.

Ideal bank transfer

Only available for clients from the Netherlands. If you choose to pay using Ideal bank transfer, we give you our bank details including bank account number, sort code and any other banking codes required.


Because of western sanctions towards Russia and some Republics within the Russian Federation it is not possible to except cheques.


When you want to pay some new ordered services using cash after your arrival, please see that the banknotes are crisp and clean. We accept currency in Euro, Ruble and US Dollar.

Internet banking

If you want to book extra services like transfers or excursions after your arrival, it can be handy to have your internet banking material at hand. Almost everywhere on the Crimean peninsula is internet available.

If prices are quoted in a different currency then Euro, find the equivalent price using an currency converter and then check with us before payment.

Do I have to pay a deposit on my holiday services?

Yes Kozak Travel requires a deposit on booking which is usually a percentage of the total cost. Please see our overall terms and condtions and the accommodation page for the exact percentage. Your bank/Paypal and we will confirm your payment. The balance left to pay and the date the balance is required is also stated in the booking confirmation we send you. 

Do I have to pay a security deposit?

Some apartment/flat owners will require a security deposit. This is refundable at the end of your holiday if the property is left in an acceptable condition.  Read your agreement carefully as any breakages or damage may be deducted from your deposit.


Do I make my own travel arrangements?

Yes because our clients come to Crimea from every corner of the planet, it is for us almost impossible to be at your service with this. In most cases we are able to help you finding the right flights, or guide you to the right place to book them. With booking at Russian websites from Russian carriers we can be at your help if necessary. However it is your responsibility to organize your own travel arrangements. Helpful advice on travel and place of arrival can be informed asking us. There are also many links at search engines which can usually be a big help.

How do I check-in?

When you arranged your airport at railroad transfers at Kozak Travel you will be met by our driver who will bring you to your booked accommodation and guide you for your check-in. Is you booked a tour your check-in will be arranged by our tour-director or the guide. For our guests with only accommodation bookings we send you the check-in details together with all other info at the booking e-mail.

How do I check-out?

At your check-in you will receive detailed instructions of the check-out procedure. You are told about what time you have to vacate and at what time your transfer will be arranged. If you do not find this information then contact Kozak Travel straight away. To avoid any problems with the return of your security deposit, always try to leave the accommodation in the same condition as you found it.



Do I need to bring my own bed linen and towels?

Most apartment / flats have a supply of clean bed linen and towels. The towels are not to use for the beach visits. Would you need extra's you always may contact Kozak Travel with your needs. For a small extra charge we can be always at your service.

Will I have to pay local taxes?

Yes, but all local taxes are included in the price.



Minor complaints

If you have any problems, inform Kozak Travel immediately - do not wait until you get home because then it is too late and we can't supply you with even better services anymore. When you leave Crimea we expect that all was like you wished and don't have any complaints about your stay. Only then we are satisfied and see you back for your next holiday.

Serious complaints

If something is seriously wrong and you wish to make a formal complaint, you should contact us in writing. Please allow a reasonable amount of time for us to respond. Details how to send a complaint are stated at our page terms and conditions.





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