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The Crimean peninsula has a population of about 3,500,000 people who live on 10,000 square miles. The peninsula is linked by 8 km land to Ukraine by the Perekop Isthmus and in 2018 to the main land of Russia by a bridge. The peninsula is surrounded by the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov. At the peninsula are two countries situated. To know the Republic Crimea and Russia, both member of the Russian Federation. the Russian Federation is divided into 85 federal subjects (constituent units), 22 of which are republics and the country Russia. Republics have the right to establish their own official language and have their own constitution. In the Crimean Republic there are three official languages to know: Russian, Crimean-Tatar and Ukrainian. The capital of the Republic Crimea is Simferopol and other major cities include Feodosia, Kerch, Yalta and Yevpatoria. At the Russian part of the Crimean peninsula is situated the Federal hero city of Sevastopol. In Russia are only 3 Federal cities, to know Moscow, St. Petersburg and Sevastopol.



The Crimean coastline is one of the longest and untouched ones in Europe with a lot of rear flora and fauna. Along the northeast coast is a series of shallow lagoons known collectively as the Sivash or Putrid Sea. This sea is linked to the Sea of Azov by the Arabatskaya Strelka. At the south, is the Yaila Ridge with extensive meadows and forest running almost 100 miles from the west coast eastward. This Alpine-Himalayan belt of folded mountains consist three distinct parallel ridges: The Southern, The Internal and The External. The tallest peak, The Roman Kosh rises 5,034 feet above the sea level. Here the temperature is cool and humid. There is an international known observatory, The Crimean Astrophysical Observatory on Mt. Koshka. On the south side of this Crimean Ridge is the "Russian Riviera" with its subtropical climate. At this area there are several vineyards, fruits orchards and several famous resorts and towns. Crimea’s rivers are divided into three groups: rivers of the north-eastern Crimea Mountain slopes; rivers of the northern slopes and rivers of the southern coast. The longest river in Crimea is the Salghir.


The major industry for Crimea is fishing. Major fish species caught in the Black Sea are herring, tuna, shrimp, scallop, horse mackerel and khamsa. Crimean's mine clay, lime, salt, flux, gravel, limestone and marl.  At this fabulous peninsula at the Black Sea one can enjoy the nice beach and disco life as well. For a long time all of this was only possible for the high standard Russians because not everybody was allowed to enter Crimea and special Sevastopol. From April until October it's pleasant busy at the whole Crimean peninsula. Already for a long, long time is Sevastopol one of the most important harbour cities in the whole of the former SSSR. The many monuments remember everyone about her rich history. Sevastopol is build, like all important cities (Rome, Paris, San Francisco, etc, etc) at seven hills and is still the home harbour of "The Black Sea Fleet".




Yalta situated at the "Russian Rivera" at the Crimean peninsula is a historical place. In Yalta you can find "The Livadia Palace". This was the Summer Palace of the last Tsar. In 1945 this place is used by Roosevelt, Stalin en Churchill to sign the treaty of Yalta.


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