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About Kozak Travel

Welcome to Kozak Travel!

We are very pleased that you are interested in our services and you visit this site.
Let us introduce you with useful information of all sections of our company.
We hope to welcome you to provide you with travel services.

Kozak Travel was launched by Tonya and Robin in September 2003.

We were not new into running a business with good service. Tonya was working as therapist in healthcare and Robin worked all his life, at all stages in high class international tourist business.

Why Kozak Travel?

Like most things in life it was more love than judgment. We started our Kozak Travel agency after we married each other. Tonya being Russian from Sevastopol (Crimea peninsula) and Robin Dutch from Holland had to make a choice where to live and work together. This choice was easy to made with Tonya living at the subtropical Russian Black Sea Riviera, were are minimal 300 sunny days a year, were tourists already went during centuries.

Building Kozak Travel
It was obvious that ours was not an original idea but we were undeterred, seeing possibilities and improvements over existing companies giving services to international travelers. We wanted to bring our own
experience and ideas into service for international tourists visiting Crimea. 

We discovered that there was not one local company able to supply good western standard services to
foreign tourists and there was also not one international foreign tour operator able to guarantee trusted holidays, accommodation, excursions and tours without being here personally.

It took six months with long days and hard work, traveling around the peninsula before we started to sell the first holidays. Our vision to offer our guests high class VIP service, for as less money possible became reality.

Throughout our existence we had several setbacks like an Orange revolution in the Ukrainian Kiev, sanctions from the European Union towards the Crimean peninsula and Ukrainian banks from one to the other day closing and disappearing with all our accounts, until finally we had a company to be proud of.

During two years,
because of the international political situation, we were doing almost nothing. Our guests stayed away, but we saw many emails from former clients asking how the real situation was on the peninsula. In 2016 we saw a large rise in questions from people wanting to visit Crimea and Sevastopol. Crimea being safe and quiet with almost 8 million Russian speaking tourist visiting summer 2016, we decided to continue our company. With extensive research and a lot of hard thinking we found the way, without being touched by the former international political situation, to offer our famous and well know services again, 

An old school friend of Tonya contacted to join the company.
Many years he is already working in local Crimean tourism and he knows every accommodation, museum, restaurant or stone. Knowing  many people working at the right places of our beautiful peninsula Vova was and is the right person to complete Kozak Travel and guarantee the highest quality. During summer 2016 we picked up where we left it in October 2014 and started to prepare for the season 2017.
After all these years, Kozak Travel is still the only western owned and real western services providing travel company, who is situated at at the Crimean Peninsula. Only we can check the by us offered and provided travel services on dally basis and reach our guests personally within very short time.
In the past we were contacted by clients, from others, during their holiday at Crimea, to help them solve difficulties or guide them quickly to the right direction.

Our Aim
Our principle has been to give you the very best, personal VIP services what can be given, at a very reasonable and affordable price. Without compromising on anything, we aimed to keep Kozak Travel a simple tool for your unforgettable holiday, Tourists get a top quality service which is easy to check reading the many good reviews about our company. Until this moment writing this, we never had one guest leaving Crimea with complains about our services. We offer real time local support and understand very well that you only go once, maybe two times a year on holiday and have to work hard for this. We never reduce on staff or time to help you with your needs.

Kozak Travel and variability
We fulfill the wishes of individuals, groups of tourists, corporate travelers, student groups and are able to create and combine any other tours at the Crimean peninsula at the request of our customers. We will try to fulfill all your fantasies and it will be cheaper than you think. Kozak Travel is a partner and an authorized agent in product sales of Crimean tourism. This means that our customers who wish to visit a museum, there is the opportunity to purchase a special package at the lowest price. Groups receiving this discount must be at least 10 people.

Our tours
We offer air and combined tours at the Crimean peninsula: group, teams and individual and VIP, low cost,  excursions, gastronomic, spa and wellness tours, shopping tours, Russian language vacations, children's tours, amusement, wild and water parks and rides, a wide variety sporting tours and packages. Our tours are a variety to suit every taste and budget. The advantage of our tours is an opportunity to visit every interesting city at the Crimean peninsula, thereby completely focusing on the sights of the selected places. Combined tours combine a visit from two to six cities.

Our tour directors and guides.
Discover the world through the eyes of our local experts. One of the main advantages of traveling accompanied by a Kozak Travel, is that since the beginning of the tour you will be accompanied by a responsible tour director, working on western principles of providing services to tourists. These specialists are fluent in foreign languages, are well oriented at the whole peninsula and are easy to interact with all the components of a splendid vacation with Kozak Travel, from bus drivers and attendants in hotels, airports and ending with the workers of the local hospitals or police if necessary. All local foreign / Russian speaking guides will accompany you on excursions professionally in the business and have all the relevant documents of the highest standards. Periodically, they increase their skills by passing the required courses, where they get acquainted with new routes and nuances areas frequented used by tourists. The guides, who work with us, take care of our guests not only expand their knowledge of interesting information, but are also able to help you independently navigate the terrain, to visit the restaurants, do shopping and use other entertainment. Trusting our team, your vacation will be really comfortable, with a lot of pleasant and unforgettable experiences. "enjoy the moment".

Kozak Travel online booking
On our website you will find a variety of tours at the Crimean peninsula and you can book your favorite tour on your own. E-mail or call to our office by telephone or on Skype if desired. Through our company you may book air flights from Moscow to our peninsula. You can also send us a request for a certain tour and we will book it for you. With or without a return ticket.

We look forward to see you living our slogan, "enjoy the moment" during an unforgettable
fantastic holiday and we would love to hear your comments and feedback before you are going back home again, so we can react immediately and continue to develop and make improvements to be even better at your service.


Tonya, Vova, Robin and all our staff

Kozak Travel is an authorized sales agent for the production of a large range of travel services to the whole Crimean peninsula. What could be safer than using the services of a western managed tour operator protecting the rights of all their guests. We are keen to provide our service to tourists at the highest level and on real, not inflated prices, which can only be the case if the product is sold directly and without intermediaries.


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