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Reasons to use our services


1. Freedom
Booking your holiday accommodation with Kozak Travel allows you the flexibility and freedom to plan your own agenda, or not plan anything at all. Booking at Kozak Travel means that you can choose your day of arrival and departure. There are no steady arrival or departure days in the week like everywhere else. If it fits you to arrive on a Wednesday evening or leave at a Saturday night, it is all up to you. Just contact us with your perfect schedule and we inform you about the availability. You can spontaneous contact us during your holiday and arrange an excursion or tour, get up, go out, stay in whenever you want. With no time restraints, you can plan a full schedule of activities or enjoy a lazy, unhurried beach holiday with what you can really wind down and relax.


2. Culture holiday
If the purpose of travelling is to experience another culture, its people, food, customs, architecture and sights you are at the right place to book your holiday at the Crimean Peninsula at Kozak Travel as well. Only Sevastopol already has over 2000 monuments, over 30 museums and many more interesting sites to visit. 300-350 thousand years of history started with the era of Acheulian. Al those years of history one can find at the peninsula. Crimea is a unique historical and cultural reserve, striking antiquity and diversity and Kozak Travel knows how to find all the beautiful, interesting and unforgettable memories of history and will show them to you at your request. We also have many holiday accommodations available all over the peninsula, close to the area of your interest, from the rustic Soviet apartment to hotels or the now today modern villa's, in the middel of the city centre surrounded by local civilians up to a quiet accommodation in the middel of nowhere in the forest or real touristic centers.


3. Active holiday

If you have wanderlust in you, arranging your own adventure holiday could be ideal. Explore our site and use your imagination to transport you all over Crimea, discovering unusual destinations and hidden gems. Then, when you have booked your accommodation the adventure can start. Wherever you go it is a voyage of discovery. When you arrive, take some time to get to know the area. Venture off the track, discover secluded beaches, picturesque villages and breathtaking scenery. Go on an adventure at any moment of the year. Winter holiday. Skiing combines the thrill of racing down the piste, with heady Crimean mountain air and some of the most stunning sceneries in the world. Beach holiday. Every year a beach holiday is good with the 300 sunny days at the Crimean peninsula. Only Sevastopol already has 140 kilometers of coastline. Crimea and Sevastopol have a large choice of small and large structured and wild beaches with sands, pebbles or rocks where one can enjoy the fresh smell and sound of the Black Sea. It is still the most popular holiday type for both adults and children. Retreat a chance to get away from it all. With the stresses and strains of everyday life many people see a holiday as a retreat, live a simple life and go back to nature. We have some wellness hotels that offer massages, sauna's, sports, several treatments, healthcare, beauty care and more to help you relax. For others, the surroundings and location at Crimea itself is enough to let them escape from their busy and stressful for a while. Romantic breaks or getting married. Are you planning your romantic break with your girl or boyfriend, go on your honeymoon or even want to get married on the most romantic spots at the Crimean peninsula? You are at the right address again when contacting Kozak Travel. We are able to plan and arrange your complete marriage, starting with the place to stay for yourself and your guests, location of marriage, the lawful marriage itself, dinner, photographer and much more. We have a selection of holiday hotels and apartments, some tailored exclusively for couples hotel suites which include extra luxuries such as flowers, complimentary products and even a bottle of one of the famous Crimean champagnes like Krim-Sekt from Novy Svet. Whatever your plans are, you can find your perfect holiday at Crimea using the services of Kozak Travel and and spend real quality time together. Whatever holiday you plan and want, if you do not want to be disappointed we advice you to book as far in advance as you can to secure your perfect holiday.


4. Availability
Good bye to the days when people went on holiday with no accommodation booked, setting off in the hope that any accommodation would be available when they arrived at Crimea. These days are finished when the peninsula changed country a few years ago and for the three months summer school holidays in Russia, properties can be fully booked. Sometimes even months or a year in advance. Also not all locals are too secure with pre-bookings and change their mind if some other client offers to pay more for the by you booked period. Or they want to stay longer then planned. Booking with Kozak Travel ensures you of the by you booked accommodation and "if" something would go wrong, we are personally here to help and solve any problem for you immediately.


5. Families, companies or large groups holidaying together
Many families prefer to go on holiday together, giving them better value for money and a shared sense of responsibility. Renting rooms in a private owned family hotel with room for two or three families can take a lot of stress away of going on your holiday. It means there is always a spare pair of hands to supervise the children. The children have playmates and the adults have company in the evenings. If you are going on holiday with babies and young children there are so many things to think of and to pack. To your make life and travel easier you can pre-arrange at Kozak Travel many items you will need. From diapers up to a special bed for your baby. Specifically things for children, a selection of play equipment and toys as well as professional babysitting services can be arranged at Kozak Travel. See our holiday checklist for a handy reminder of essential items to take with you. Traveling in large groups and if you are planning large event such as a wedding, reception, (family) reunion, business training or meeting or just a holiday with family, friends or colleagues, why not think about doing so at Crimea? Contact us with your wishes, questions and dreams and we make together with your perfect to your needs fitting complete holiday.


6. Accommodations
For people who are used to all-in deals may be surprised to learn that for the same price or often cheaper, one can find holiday accommodation at Crimea cheaper then somewhere else. Renting only accommodation and arrange your meals in restaurants or buy the product in a shop and cook yourself is much less expensive then anywhere else in Europe and combined with a cheap flight or ferry crossing can give better value for your money than a all-in package. We a catered accommodation selection of popular bed and breakfast at Crimea, very good for a weekend or just during your complete holiday. Why not try a catered holiday in one of the many private hotels between the locals? Some offer home cooked and regional dishes prepared by your own in-house chef. Others have an on-site restaurant. Most offer a delicious local Crimean, Crimean-Tatar, Russian or Ukrainian dishes. Self catering holiday apartments and homes have fully fitted kitchens to give you the opportunity to cook your own meals, save on restaurant prices and take advantage of local markets and fresh ingredients where you taste the real natural taste of the original products. Meals without conservatisms, no extra E's in your meal it is a fest for your tongue. This way of holiday is even more cost-effective when you are self catering for large groups. For anyone who has specific dietary it is ideal to eat local Crimean products. Luxury is for everybody different. It could be complete fitted kitchen, your own sauna, red satin sheets on a comfortable bed, a large swimming pool overlooking the Black Sea. Find at our website or ask us the luxury you with to receive during your holiday.


If you cannot find a holiday fitting your idea of the perfect holiday, send us an email with your questions and Kozak Travel will have a look and see what we can do for you. You will receive a full offer free of charge without spending day browsing the internet yourself, finding only expensive western websites or not understandable Russian Language ones. If it is possible, we can arrange it for you to "enjoy the moment".





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