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Excursion program


All day and half day tours and excursions start from the city Sevastopol


From Sevastopol, one can reach all parts of the peninsula are very well. Next to the usual excursion possibilities, we offer VIP excursion arrangements. Imagine to see all the beautiful sites, together with your private guide, by private car, driven by your private driver. To make stops at the most fantastic places at every corner at the Crimean Peninsula to make unbelievable pictures to remember the moment. Of course you can plan your own private program as well, but at this page we will give you some suggestions.




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Suv off road tour. (1 day tour)

Visit caves and jump off a cliff


Suv 4x4 (1 day tour)

Balaclava + boat trip

Fairytale Palace Wedding (1 day tour)



Cruise shore excursions


Sevastopol city walk (half day)


South coast - Yalta (full day)

Inkerman & Bakhchisaray

(Full day tour) 


35th Coastal Battery

(½ day tour)


(½ day tour)

Medieval fortes Calamita

Balaclava Bay

(½ day tour)


Sapun Mountain

Assault May 7, 1944

(½ day tour)

Swallow's Nest

(½ day tour)

Vorontsov Palace

(½ day tour)

Livadia Palace

(½ day tour)

Foros Church


Skelskaja cave


Khan's Palace

(½ day tour)



List of Crimean places and what to see


Aiya cape Reserve

Artillery bay

Ayyazma tract - see Haya

Alkadar winery

Baidar Valley, Baidar Gates Pass

Balaklava bay

Balaklava submarine museum

Batiliman tract - see Haya

Inkerman (Kalamita) cave towns and monasteries

Inkerman Winery

Historic Boulevard and Panorama 1 st defense of Sevastopol

Kazatche bay

Laspi bay - see Haya

Malakhov Kurgan memorial complex

Primorsky Boulevard Sebastopol Memorial

Sapun Mountain Memorial

Sebastopol Aquapark Zurbagan

Sevastopol Aquarium

Sevastopol Dolphinarium

Skelja village, menhirs, a cave - see the boats

Feolent Cape

Hersonissos archaeological reserve

Cembalo Genoese fortress - see Balaklava bay


Kerch Peninsula

Adzhimushkayskie quarry Memorial

Arabatskaya shooter - a sandy spit

Yeni-Kale fortress see Kerch Strait

Kazantip cape nature reserve

Kerch Strait, a fortress of Yeni-Kale,

Kerch fortress on.

Tobechik Opuk mountain nature reserve

Pantikapaion archaeological reserve

Tobechik lake see Kerch Strait

Chockruck Lake

Imperial barrow

Adzhimushkayskie quarry


Fiodosia and Koktebel

Green House Museum in Feodosia

House of the Poet Voloshin

Kara-Dag Nature Reserve


Cafe complex of monuments of the Middle Ages Theodosia

Club-117 entertainment complex near


Koktebel - see House of the Poet Voloshin

Koktebel water park Fox Bay - see Echki-dag

Quiet Bay

Uzun Syrt (Mount Klimentyev)

Center gliding

Ear of the Earth Cave - see Echki-dag

The Aivazovsky Art Gallery Feodosia

Chameleon Cape - see Silent Bay

Echki-dag - mountain


Evpatoria and Saki Area

Banana Republic "Akvaparkos"

Gezlev complex of medieval monuments Evpatoria

Juma-Jami Mosque - see Gezlev Donuzlav Lake

Evpatoria Dinapark

Evpatoria Space Center "Golden Key" Children's Center

Saki resort park

Saki healing lake Sun

Entertainment Center


The Black Sea, Razdolnensky, Krasnoperekopsky areas

Atlesh (Big and Small) headlands

Big Castel beam

Dzhangul (kekury) seaside rock chaos

Donuzlav Lake

Kalos Lyman ancient town in the Black P.

Perekop ancient fortification

Tarhankut Cape


Belogorsky region and Stary Krym

Ak-Kaya (White Rock) mountain

St. Khach Monastery


Sudak area

Arkhaderesse (Sun Valley) - tract, winery

Genoese fortress in Sudak

Kopsel (Kapsel) bay - see Meganom

Meganom cape diving center

New Light tract, champagne factory

Bakhchsarai area

Bakhchsarai area

Bakla cave city

Bakhchisarai Khan's palace

Arbour Winds - see Crimean Nature Reserve

Grand Canyon of Crimea Gorge

Kachi Kalion cave monastery

Crimean Nature Reserve

Mangup cave city

Observatory (smt Research) Research center

Falcon's village, an ethnic center

Tepe kermen cave city

Uspensky Cave Monastery

Chufut Kale cave town

Eski-Kerman cave city


Simferopol and Simferopol region

Angarsk pass - see Chater-dag

Red Cave (Kizil-Koba) and Dolgorukovskaya Yayla

Crimean Nature Reserve

Marble Cave - see Chater-dag

Naples Scythian archaeological reserve

Republican Museum

Simferopol Art Museum

Hill of Glory (Colan-Bair), see Dolgorukovskaya Yayla

Chater-Dag mountain

Emine-Bair-Khosar Cave - see Chater-dag


Big Alushta

Ai-Yori, healthful source

Alushta water park "Almond Grove"

Angarsk pass - see Chater-dag Mountain Lake in Alushta, recreation and equestrian tourism

Demirdzhi mountain range, a center of equestrian tourism

Jur-Jur Falls

Ghost Valley, a nature sanctuary - see Demirdzhi

Cosmo Damianovsky Monastery

Crimean Nature Reserve

Panagia tract and Choban-kul tower

Partenit sanatorium park and Dolphinarium

Cape Plaka - see the cliff Professors (Work) bath spa

Roman-Kosh Mountain Peak - see the Crimean Nature Reserve

Soter (Suter) cape Valley

"Cliff" palace-park complex

Chater-Dag mountain


Yalta and Greater area of Yalta

Adalars rock-islands

Ai-Petri mountain, tourism hub

Ai-Todor cape - see the Swallow's Nest

Alupkinskiy palace and park complex

Artek International Children's Center

Ayu-Dag (Bear Mountain) Reserve, Archaeological Complex

Blue Bay tract, water park

Gurzufskiy sanatorium park

Koreizsky Yusupov Palace and other houses

Cat mountain and rock Simeiz

Swallow's Nest Castle

Livadia Palace and Park Complex

Magarach tract, Wine Centre

Marian headland reserve, see Nikita Botanical Gardens

Massandra winery association

Massandra Palace

Massandrovskiy beach, the center of the beach culture

Bear Mountain - see Ayu-Dag

Miskhorsky sanatorium park

Nikitskaya crack climbing wall

Nikita Botanical Gardens

Gardening (New Kucuk Coy) sculpture park

"Glade of Fairy Tales" museum and zoo florist "Fairy Tale"

Pushkin's Grotto see Adalars

Simeiz complex of old houses

Solar path - see the Tsar's Path

Theatre of marine animals

Three-eye Cave - see Ai-Petri

Wuchang-Su waterfall - see Yalta Reserve

Foros Church

Foros palace and park complex

Kharaks Palace and Park

The Tsar's (Sunny) trail

Yalta quay

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