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Crimean around the world

Duration: 6 days / 5 nights


Victory Day in Sevastopol
Duration: 5 days / 4 Nights

Pearl of Crimea

6 day / 5 night


Luxury Crimean Wine tour

8 day / 7 night


Fairytale Palace Wedding

1 day





Everyone sees a perfect holiday in their own way. We offer tours to Sevastopol and Crimea which will leave a vivid impression at even the most seasoned travelers. After all, almost every city, every coast of the peninsula is really worth seeing and where all can fall in love with and it can win the hearts and minds of all of their guests. Kozak Travel gives the opportunity to see the complete Crimean peninsula with different eyes.


For this reason, choosing a tour to Sevastopol and Crimea at your must trusted the real professionals who can offer not only exciting, but also an affordable vacation on a unique of its kind peninsula.



Tour operator Kozak Travel developed optimal tourist programs and excursions to the most popular resort towns at Crimea. They include not only the rich sightseeing trips, but also complete relaxation holidays during which you can enjoy the always gentle Crimean sun, soak up its rays, gain strength, energy, health and vitality for a whole year until your next holiday to Crimea.


In each excursion, event or individual tour in Crimea price are set at a democratic level. A variety of areas and topics that are relevant for every season, allow you to choose a journey around the peninsula at any time of the year, even under the most excessive demands and expectations.


The most popular programs are the following sightseeing tours to Crimea:


- "Crimean Around the World." With this tour you have the unique opportunity to visit the best corners of the peninsula, to get acquainted with the culture and traditions of the local people, their customs and cuisine


- Relax on the May Day celebrations. This trip will make the long May holidays really unforgettable, bright and saturated, will present many of the most pleasant emotions, sensations and impressions


- Event Tours in Crimea. dedicated to the Victory Day, or to the Day of the Navy in Sevastopol, which will impress even the most discerning travelers. You can also visit the extraordinary in its full beauty Chrysanthemum which is held in late October and early November in the Nikitsky botanical garden. It attrackts not only the leading florists from the CIS and foreign countries, but also those who appreciate the natural beauty and wonderful nature


- Beach Tours in Crimea, which are relevant not only in a purely summer. The peninsula is famous for her velvet season that runs from September until mid - end of October. The temperature of the Black Sea and the air, especially on the southern coast, is stored at a comfortable level, allowing you to receive a full sun bath at the beaches from the morning until the evening, or arrange long walks around the mountains and hills



Package tours to Crimea, developed by tourist company Kozak Travel will provide a rich, vibrant and truly rewarding holiday on the peninsula. The versatility of Crimea has a lot of incredible beauty in its natural, historical, cultural, religious and architectural objects and will necessarily find an echo in the soul of everyone who decided to visit the peninsula.


As practice shows time and time again, once having decided to buy a tour to Crimea and have visited its amazing nature, the desire to return to the peninsula will occur repeatedly in the future. Crimea is a place to return all of those who at least once already enjoyed the Crimean mild climate, the gifts of nature, gentle sea and the always mild sun.




Tour operator Kozak Travel offers you to buy a tour to the Crimea for the next season by the most comfortable and acceptable prices. Individual approach when selecting programs or excursions, expert advice and specialized assistance in the selection and organization of leisure, comfortable transfers and a wide range of additional services will make a visit to the peninsula one of the brightest events in the life.


Book tours to Crimea on the best terms right now - provide yourself and your family really high quality vacation at the most reasonable prices of the year!



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