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Kind of tour: Excursion

Duration 8 - 10 hours








Visit at the Inkerman monastery where Clement the son of Peter started to build a church in a cave. Visit at the Cave Monastery Mary. Visit at Chufut-Cale where the cave's are where the Khan lived centuries ago. (Not available for less mobile people) Visit at the Palace of the Crimean Tatar with "the fountain of tears". The journey back to Sevastopol will go through a mountain range with beautiful views and small villages where the life still is like many years ago. During incl. transfer time ca. 8 hours.


Inkerman - Sevastopol suburb, Inkerman stone is mined and is a dense white limestone, used for cladding buildings. Crimeans extracted the stone for a long time, so in the rocks formed from a plurality of the catacombs and caves.


Inkerman is an ancient cave city, worn in the Middle Ages the name Calamita. At that time there flourished principality Theodoro and Calamita was one of his castles and a major trading port. Around the VI century BC built Calamita fortress to protect the important trade routes, which were held here and led from the central part of the Crimea in the Chersonese. This century and is considered the foundation of Inkerman.


The remains of the fortress on Mount Calamita are Monastery in the territory of the modern city of Inkerman, in the estuary. Black. At the end of the XIV century the Crimean feudal princes build a fortress on the remains of old fortifications in order to counter the Genoese colony Chembalo. Initially, gate tower and defensive walls were built. A little later, the defensive walls were reinforced with five bunk square towers. But defense capabilities erected fortresses were questionable because of the small wall thickness (about 1 meter) and the poor quality of construction of towers.


The Bakhchisaray Khan's palace bears the title of the main attractions of the Museum of history and culture of the Crimean Tatars. It was built as a family estate by the Giray dynasty, the rulers of the Crimean Khanate. The Khan's Palace was for many centuries the center of cultural, political and spiritual life of the Crimean Tatars.


The palace is original and in that it has no solid architectural manners, as built by craftsmen from different countries; Turkey, Italy, Iran, Russia and Ukraine. Extant buildings are located around the perimeter of the spacious central courtyard. The portal iron doors, one of the oldest elements of the palace, perfectly preserved in one of the courtyards. The following are the women's quarters. The female part of the palace, the harem, where his wife's lived, concubines and female relatives of the Khan, located in the main courtyard. Bink Khan Mosque Jami-placed in the main square. To it fits the family burial graveyard.


Unfortunately the Khan's Palace was not preserved until today exactly as it was built. In 1736 the palace was captured by the troops of General Munnich and then burned. However, after that it was restored and it became much more luxurious than ever. After the annexation of the Crimean peninsula by Katharina the Russian Emperor's family often stopped here and to each of their arrivals there were made alterations and minor repairs, which eventually led to the fact that the palace has lost its original oriental flavor. In the last century in the palace was made large restorations, buildings have been restored to the most original form.


"The Fountain of Bakhchisarai" (popularly tears fountain), located on the territory of the palace at the Fountain Courtyard. This fountain is also at the Vorontsov Palace. In the palace there is a sauna complex Sary Guzel, Art Museum, Exhibition guns, Museum of History and Culture of the Crimean Tatars. This palace is now (after April 2014) part of the Bakhchisaray Historical and Cultural State Reserve and is now a museum complex. Currently, the procedure is carried out of the museum complex entry in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site. Bakhchisaray Khan's Palace belongs to the cultural heritage of the Crimea.



All mentioned transportation

Expert bilingual guide, on hand through the whole excursion

Entrance fee to the museum

Lunch in a Crimean-tatar restaurant

All Local taxes



- Travel to Crimea

- Meals and drinks not specified

- Tips and gratuities (guides, restaurants, etc)

- Travel insurance (obligated)

- Cancellation insurance



Of course it is possible to ad more museums etc to extend the tour. We like to help you to accomplice this.



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More Information on our Crimean tours:

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