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One of the symbols of Crimea is located by the village Gaspra near Yalta. The delightful Castle is an architectural monument that is situated on a 40-meter vertical cliff of Cape Ai-Todor. Like any other pearl of the Crimea, the castle "Swallow's Nest" is covered with legends. Some sources claim that a general had built himself a "House" on the top of a cliff, which will continue with the help of sculptor and engineer L. Shervudova turned into a refined castle, which was called by the general "Castle of Love".


Another historian (Vladlen Avinda) said: "The Castle" was built on a rock in 1912 from the German oilman project Stengel AV Sherwood. Cape Ai-Todor not one, but three of the cape, which are composed of limestone. The largest of them, the southwest, is called Ai-Todor. In this place there is a lighthouse and the historic ruins of the ancient Roman strengthen Kharaks. This is the highest point of the cape and the lighthouse illumination is seen for 50 miles. Near the remains of another south coastal forests. It pulls here and growing on the top of the lighthouse is a huge millennial pistachio. This tree is one of the oldest in Crimea and it is included in the Red Book.


Very near the second cape of Ai-Todor, half a kilometer away and separated by a small cove. This shore ledge called leaked-breaker, Lyman-breaker, and Isar. Name Lyman-breaker shows the position of the cape in the neighboring bay, which is now a modern pier and where white boat moor. Name leaked-breaker translated Oyster Cape. Title Isar indicates that in this place there were the remains of fortifications, which gave occasion to the Tatar population to call it the Isar. On this promontory is the "Swallow's Nest." A delicious, beautiful building in the spirit of a noble knight's the castle that is easy, fun, and fearlessly hung over the precipice. You look from afar it looks like a toy! You come closer, so happy. No it is a true stone building with oak frames, balconies, spiers and ladders. The third protrusion coast is now called the Sail



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